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Anna Rosling Rönnlund

Swedish designer Anna Rosling Rönnlund’s self-help writing career consists of her work on “Factfulness” with her husband, Ola Rosling, and his father, Hans Rosling. The idea for that book came from her father-in-law’s work with public health statistics. Like him, she wants to fight back against the misconceptions that many people hold.

About a decade before they wrote that book, the trio started the Gapminder foundation. Their first step in fighting misinformation came in the form of their Trendalyzer software. Trendalyzer’s visuals for statistics were so innovative that Google purchased it and hired Rönnlund and her husband to integrate it.

A few years later, the couple returned to Gapminder, where they eventually worked with Hans Rosling on their book. Rönnlund also developed and released a project called Dollar Street around that same time through Gapminder. The software uses photos of homes from around the world to help show the faces and stories behind income statistics.