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Benjamin P. Hardy

The bestselling author of “Willpower Doesn’t Work,” Dr. Benjamin P. Hardy, is an organizational psychologist whose work helps people overcome their biggest struggles. He has also written “Personality Isn’t Permanent” and co-written “Who Not How” to tackle that task from some different angles. His advice applies to home life, the workplace, and public life.

Blogs and articles from him have reached more than 100 million readers on various top business and news platforms. Some of the topics that he tackles include successful financial strategies, helpful morning routines, and how to set healthy boundaries. He sends out a newsletter to hundreds of thousands of subscribers each week.

He runs the 30-Day Future Self Project through his business website. The program walks participants through the small, simple steps toward their desired personal growth and development. This author shares his Orlando, Florida, home with his wife, Lauren, their three adopted kids, and their twin daughters.

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