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Daniel J. Levitin

Bestselling author Daniel J. Levitin’s main job is a cognitive psychologist and neuroscientist. His research has informed his writing in such books as “Weaponized Lies,” “The Organized Mind,” and “Successful Aging.” Also a musician and record producer, this author has also written about the “musical brain” in a few books.

A renaissance man when it comes to music, Levitin sings and plays guitar, clarinet, piano, and saxophone. He has played with a number of famous musicians, such as Sting and Neil Young. He has even done some stand-up comedy and joke writing, having performed alongside Robin Williams in the mid-80s.

Levitin’s long resume has seen him mentored by top scientists in his field, such as Roger Shepard and John Robinson Pierce. Besides his books, most of which have been bestsellers, he also contributes to major news publications and music industry magazines. He is married to Heather Bortfeld, who is a cognitive psychologist as well.

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