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David Heinemeier Hansson

According to Danish programmer and entrepreneur David Heinemeier Hansson, a type-A personality is not needed to create and run a successful business. His most famous book, co-authored in 2010 with Jason Fried, is “Rework.” In this book, Hansson details how planning and worrying about competitors hinders the success of new startups.

His refreshing outlook inspires people from many backgrounds to let go of their fears and move toward their dreams. Hansson also writes essays and blogs when he is not driving racecars or sharing photography on Instagram. Many of those photos feature his expensive, custom cars, though his family makes frequent appearances as well.

Some of his fans in the programming and auto racing communities have taken to calling him “DHH.” Besides Instagram, he is also outspoken on Twitter, where he tweets about everything from programming to politics. He resides in Benahavís, Spain, with his wife, Jamie, and his two children.

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