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Hans Bluedorn

Hans Bluedorn is the kid who never grew out of his imagination and the adult who honed his critical thinking skills. Together with his brother, Nathaniel, he wrote “The Fallacy Detective” and “The Thinking Toolbox.” Those books have found extensive use in homeschooling communities as well as some traditional classrooms.

While those two texts focus on teaching reasoning to kids in a fun way, Bluedorn has an even more whimsical side. That side comes out in “Archer and Zowie,” an imaginative story about two kids and their strange science experiment. He not only wrote the story, but he drew the illustrations as well.

Indeed, Bluedorn spends a lot of his time drawing. He and his brother grew up among the western Illinois cornfields, where they still lived when they started their 1999 email list, “Fallacy in the News.” However, Hans now lives and travels in the Rocky mountains, where he hikes and skis with his wife, Desiree.