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Inspired by the diversity of her California neighborhood while growing up, Dr. Jean Greaves decided to earn her doctorate in industrial-organizational psychology. She planned to help people from various cultures form cohesive, productive workplaces. She started out in a corporate healthcare setting as a work environment planning director after graduate school.

However, Dr. Greaves decided to shift over to consulting once she started her family. That change eventually led to her collaboration with Dr. Travis Bradberry on their best-selling self-help book, “Emotional Intelligence 2.0.” At the same time, the duo also co-founded their successful consulting firm, TalentSmart, Inc.

Her company offers training seminars and materials that have helped a lot of employees, managers, and individuals maintain harmony in their careers and homes. While her success is no secret, she keeps her personal life private. She resides in the Greater San Diego area, where the headquarters of her business is located.

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