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Instead of focusing solely on how to make employees more productive, Dr. Jeff Sutherland realized that the project management method was even more critical. His software development framework, Scrum, has helped lead a shift away from the traditional waterfall approach. The system promotes teamwork that draws on individual strengths and close communication.

In his books about Scrum, such as “The Power of Scrum” and “Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time,” each success story inspires excitement for the framework. These experiences also help engage audiences at his training seminars. Backers have come to praise Scrum for achieving efficiency without sacrificing value.

Dr. Sutherland’s work has grown into a family affair: His son J.J. Sutherland is his business partner who also co-wrote the second book in the Scrum series. Meanwhile, his daughter-in-law directs his company’s marketing department. Despite close business ties, the Sutherland family remain relatively private.

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