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Leading others to successful, productive business strategies is what motivates Josh Kaufman. Three of his books, “The Personal MBA,” “The First 20 Hours,” and “How to Fight a Hydra,” have been featured atop bestsellers’ lists. Many major publications have cited his multidisciplinary research on business skills and concepts.

Other than writing, Kaufman also gives talks at a variety of companies and venues. The TED Talk that he did on “The First 20 Hours” is one of the most-watched video lectures on YouTube. He also contributes to online training programs and welcomes direct clients who seek him as a coach and consultant.

Kaufman got his start in brand management before switching careers to become an independent business researcher and writer. When he is not working, he enjoys strength training, tabletop RPGs, and aikido. He also spends his free time developing Web applications that may be of use for his business in the future.

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