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Leo Babauta

Leo Babauta describes himself as a “normal guy” who turned his life around and wants others to enjoy the same success. He is probably best known for his bestseller “The Power of Less” and his “Zen Habits” website. His work focuses on demonstrating how much more productive simplicity can be in all facets of life.

Through his website, he offers a few training programs aimed to help participants learn to make changes and find comfort in uncertainty. His blog has earned a spot in Time Magazine’s top 25 blogs more than once. He is constantly setting and pursuing new goals and sharing his achievements and failures with his followers.

Nearly two decades of Babauta’s working life was spent in journalism. Originally from Guam, this author now lives in Davis, California. He and his wife, Eva, have six kids, whom they are bringing up with the same principles that he teaches in his books.