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Michael LeBoeuf is an author, professional speaker, and noted Boglehead. That last title means that he follows, and mentors based off of, the investment advice of the late John C. Bogle. As part of the Boglehead community, he became one of the authors involved in writing “The Boglehead’s Guide to Investing.”

LeBoeuf is also known for his other books, which include “Working Smart” and “The Millionaire in You.” Plus, he has published his writing in magazines and newspapers around the world. His research in business and management has led to speaking gigs at many high-profile companies and media as well as smaller venues.

Though he retired from the role in 1989, he was a business management professor for 20 years at the University of New Orleans. His bachelor’s, M.B.A., and doctorate degrees all came from Louisiana State University. Today, he continues to actively mentor other investors in the Bogleheads’ online forum.

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