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Nathaniel Bluedorn

Nathaniel Bluedorn was born and raised in rural western Illinois alongside his brother, Hans, and sisters, Ava, Helena, and Johannah. He and his brother went on to do many great things together. For instance, they co-authored “The Fallacy Detective,” a textbook that has achieved great success in homeschooling communities.

The Bluedorns were homeschooled, so they wanted to create resources that would help homeschooled kids learn about critical thinking. However, they have sold their textbooks to traditional schools and adults as well. Nathaniel has also collaborated with others on short films, comics, and educational games, and he is always working on new drawings and story ideas.

Bluedorn and his brother both now live on the west coast. When they are not working on textbooks and children’s stories, the two like to go rock climbing, hiking, and caving with their friends. They also both enjoy reading and thinking about outer space and aliens.