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Nicholas Lore

Social scientist Nicholas Lore was born in the Tennessee mountains in 1944. During the 1960s, he moved to Greenwich Village, where he explored creativity and self-expression. He worked various jobs but was always bored with them. After receiving advice from R. Buckminster Fuller, Lore started the Rockport Institute.

He soon found his passion in helping his clients to find theirs. Instead of relying on assessments or prescriptive counseling, Lore’s career counseling process looks at talents, values, goals, personality, lifestyle, and practicality. He has served as a career consultant for Fortune 500 CEOs, global leaders, and government policymakers.

Lore’s coaching goes beyond just listing some appropriate jobs. After all, he had plenty of jobs before that looked like they should be satisfying on paper. Instead, clients envision themselves doing each part of the work until they can be certain about the path that they choose. Lore wrote “The Pathfinder” and “Now What?” to share his knowledge.