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Ola Rosling

Swedish statistician Ola Rosling is best known in the self-help world for “Factfulness,” a book that he and his wife, Anna Rosling Rönnlund, helped his father, Hans Rosling, to write. Besides that book, most of his work is in software innovations to use with statistical data. For example, he led the development of Trendalyzer.

Rosling first worked on Trendalyzer through his family’s Gapminder foundation, which he co-founded and now heads. The innovative bubble charts help people to view statistics in an easier, fun format. Google bought that software in 2007, prompting Rosling and his wife to work with them for a few years.

The book project came along several years after the couple returned to Gapminder. Hans Rosling died of pancreatic cancer a year prior to completing it, but Ola Rosling and Anna Rosling Rönnlund continued the work and published it. The book quickly became an international bestseller, drawing more public interest to their work at Gapminder.