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Paul Joannides, Psy.D., is best known for his educational book on all things sexual, “Guide to Getting It On.” Besides being an author, Dr. Joannides is also a public speaker and an award-winning research psychoanalyst. His book has found use in a number of sex education courses at colleges and medical programs.

He has served on editorial boards for two journals on sexual medicine and education. Yale, Tufts, and Rice are just a few of the universities that have tapped him to speak to their students about sexuality. He has even given keynote addresses for Planned Parenthood and the NCAA.

One fun fact about Dr. Joannides is that he owns and runs a llama rescue farm along with his wife, Toni. He also runs a website that is named after his book. Visitors to that site can often find references to and even videos of his beloved llamas throughout the educational posts.

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