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Paul D. Tieger

Paul D. Tieger is the President and CEO of SpeedReading People, LLC. He has written five books on personality type, including the best-seller “Do What You Are.” After working as a jury consultant on high-profile cases, Tieger took his skills out of the courtroom and applied them to everyday interpersonal communication.

He wrote “The Art of SpeedReading People” in 1997 to help salespeople, managers, lawyers, teachers, and psychologists. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator features prominently in all his work. Tieger has worked as a team-building, conflict management, and career development consultant for government agencies, law firms, financial companies, hospitals, and universities.

Tieger has earned degrees in organizational behavior and psychology. When this author writes, he likes to get the whole family involved. Barbara Barron-Tieger continues to co-author all his books despite changing back to her maiden name, Barbara Barron. The couple’s daughter, Kelly Tieger, has co-written “Do What You Are” since the fourth edition.