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Some people might recognize cartoon movie animator Rob Corley’s name on the title page of “The Fallacy Detective.” While that book was written by Nathaniel and Hans Bluedorn, it features some of Corley’s artwork. His illustrations have appeared in a handful of other children’s books as well, such as “Firebird” and “Little Tree Found.”

Through the company that he founded, Funnypages Productions, he directs and animates a variety of children’s programs. He has also worked on the animations for nine Disney movies, including “Aladdin,” “Mulan,” and “Lilo & Stitch.” Plus, he did concept and storyboard art for the “VeggieTales” series.

His influence is apparent in Hans Bluedorn’s recent illustrations for “Archer and Zowie.” While his art accounts for most of his work, he has dabbled in other areas as well. For example, his sole acting credit is for a short film called “Soccer Mom Detective,” in which he played a barber.