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Sharon L. Lechter

Sharon L. Lechter is a woman of many roles, and she ranks highly among them. When starting out, she earned an undergraduate degree in accounting from Florida State University. Those skills have served her well in her work as a business strategist, entrepreneur, and financial literacy adviser.

Lechter teamed up with Robert Kiyosaki to write “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” which gained best-seller status soon after its release. She has since co-authored or worked on more than 20 additional books to expand upon the original. This philanthropist leads Pay Your Family First, an organization that she founded to inspire and mentor young businesspeople.

Some of her other books give a present-day spin to the classic principles of Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich.” In these works, Lechter adapts Hill’s ideas for women and teens. A mom to three sons, she is married to Michael Lechter, a prominent attorney, and accomplished business executive, and lives near Phoenix, Arizona.

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