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Dr. Travis Bradberry has dedicated his life to studying and sharing insights about workplace psychology. After earning a dual doctorate in clinical and industrial-organizational psychology, he went on to write about adapting emotional intelligence to find success in a variety of careers. Dr. Bradberry has focused explicitly on promoting self-awareness and adaptive leadership in his books.

In 2003, he combined his expertise with that of Dr. Jean Greaves to write “Emotional Intelligence 2.0,” also co-founding TalentSmart, Inc. with her. The book earned acclaim from many media outlets as well as the Dalai Lama. This author’s public speaking and corporate talks are known to draw large audiences.

Dr. Bradberry is often tapped to write for famous magazines and newspapers. Some publications for which he contributes regularly include Forbes and Entrepreneur. He has also given a talk at a TEDx event. Born in Mitchell, South Dakota, he moved to San Diego, California, for college and has lived there since then.

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