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Many people know author William Cane as a guru of kissing and hugging techniques. Two of his books published under that pen name are “The Art of Kissing” and “The Art of Hugging.” Others may know him by Michael Christian, his legal name under which he writes for legal magazines and heads his company, Manhattan Makeovers.

Whether his advice is for kissing or focused on professional attire, it has reached a wide range of audiences over the past few decades. A number of popular TV and radio shows have featured him. He also has lectured in person at over 100 North American colleges.

Christian worked as an English professor and taught writing prior to gaining success as an author. More recently, he has directed a musical called “Meet the Real Ernest Shackleton” and written a book on famous writing styles called “Write Like the Masters.” Topping his resume off, he has even worked as a trial lawyer.

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