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The Art of Exceptional Living

The Art of Exceptional Living

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To produce a great painting, many individual brushstrokes are necessary. Jim Rohn’s “The Art of Exceptional Living” is here to help you make your life into your favorite masterpiece. This author has traveled all around the world to mentor the masses on making the small changes that can transform lives. His energetic voice and compelling storytelling style inspire readers to start making those changes. You do not have to find inspiration in all his ideas, but you likely will find it in most. This author explains how small, ordinary successes can produce the most value in people’s lives.


Rohn’s gentle approach to building readers’ self-confidence makes him an exceptional mentor. He admits that he does not know what your dreams are. In fact, he does not need to know. He believes that you already know what you need to be doing. You just need to stop making excuses and do those things. Some big excuses that Rohn addresses involve the tendencies not to read, listen, and improve in general. He recommends spending 30 minutes a day reading something that challenges you. This book also teaches how to “take advantage of the spring,” or use opportunities in good times to help you cope with any bad times to come.


Rohn stumbled upon his principles when he was 25 years old after quitting college, which he describes as a mistake. An underwhelming job, a marriage, and a family followed. For Rohn, hard work was not enough, so he decided to change his direction. At last, he discovered that circumstances are harder to change than the person in them is. He advises readers to follow in his footsteps and change bad habits by addressing personal errors instead. His most important goal in sharing his story is to inspire readers to adopt their own philosophies that produce exceptional living for each of them.

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