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The Art of Seduction

The Art of Seduction

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If you wish to hold your own in the game of life and love, then you may find some of your best strategies in “The Art of Seduction” by Robert Greene. You will find a wealth of information to help you unlock your seductive potential in these pages. While this guide may seem to some readers to encourage immorality, it can also be used by those wishing not to be seduced and manipulated by others. Depending on whether you are a “dandy,” “siren,” “ideal lover,” or another type of seducer, you will discover just what you need to do to improve your ability to seduce.


Greene breaks seduction down into two parts: the characters and the process. You may find it helpful to match your seductive style to one of the nine seducer profiles that he outlines. He also briefly details the 18 types of victims that a seducer may target. However, the term “victim” that he uses throughout may be misleading without considering that those targets typically have something to gain from the interactions as well. A lot of the strategies offered center on creating and relieving discomfort in your victims. The author walks you through how to set up your targets for your goals in seducing them.


In each seducer profile, Greene tells the stories of prominent figures who have embodied that type, such as Queen Cleopatra of Egypt. He discusses their successes as well as their downfalls. There is also a section on the “anti-seducer” traits that may hold you back from your true power. Readers who heed the cautionary tales and recognize these traits in themselves will be less likely to be outsmarted by their targets. This book is not a simple guide to getting the guy or girl. Instead, Greene teaches you how to build excitement and satisfaction in your relationships through seduction.

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