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As a Man Thinketh

As a Man Thinketh

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“As a Man Thinketh” by James Allen has inspired generations of readers, including some who have gone on to become self-made millionaires, to turn their dreams into reality since the beginning of the 20th century. He titled and based his book on a popular biblical proverb. In fact, you can see a lot of familiar concepts from the Bible in this text, such as the idea of having a “clean” versus “defiled” mind and how it affects your livelihood. Regardless of the spiritual tone, the message remains that the quality of your thoughts can change your outcome.


Many of the insights about a person’s choices and thoughts are short and sweet, but they are also powerful and timeless. Allen offers an uplifting message about getting the most out of life through positive thinking and mastering the mind. The power of the words that you tell yourself can either spur you toward success or lead you down a road to ruin. Thus, Allen lays your version of reality out before you and compels you to create a new truth as you see fit. He even provides you with some possible building blocks: You can use many of his statements as affirmations as you go about your daily life.


This book is not without controversy. Allen also suggests that physical flaws and illness stem from poor character traits. He argues that suffering is created in one’s mind and can always be overcome through a virtuous attitude and positive thoughts. Even if some of the messages do not fit with your views, however, there is still a lot of wisdom and insight in these pages. Like many readers have done, you can take what you find the most uplifting and apply it to improve your life. This book could well be the little push that every dreamer needs to succeed.

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