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Dating Essentials for Men

Dating Essentials for Men: the Only Dating Guide You Will Ever Need

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Do you want to be confident approaching women without making them cringe? Dr. Robert Glover will help lead you away from pick-up artist games with “Dating Essentials for Men: The Only Dating Guide You Will Ever Need.” His advice leads readers into healthy habits and skills that will make them more desirable to women. This holistic guide teaches how to let go of the limits and inhibitions that sabotage your dating life while gaining control over more than just romance. Dr. Glover already tested all these practices out himself before offering his path to success to you.


The first steps the author outlines in this book are to let go of limiting beliefs about yourself and women in general. The next section gives you strategies to perform, such as how to flirt most effectively in a way that shows genuine interest in the woman as a person. You will also read about how a man can get a woman to be interested in him in the same way. For example, sharing and connecting through whatever it is that you are passionate about can make you very attractive. Some key advice is to stop trying to seem perfect and to stop looking for perfection in a partner.


This guide will not set you up with false confidence like many others tend to do. Dr. Glover takes on each aspect of the dating problems that many men face head-on. He even gives some valuable tips on how to end a relationship that is not going well. Throughout all of his advice, he points out that your self-awareness is arguably the most important feature. This guide can work for men who want serious relationships as well as those who just want casual romance. Of course, you will have to care about more than just appearances for this book to work for you.

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