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Double Your Dating

Double Your Dating

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If you are ready to play the long game in your romantic relationships with women, then “Double Your Dating” by David DeAngelo may have some useful tips for you. Built up as a reference manual for men who are working on their dating habits, this book first focuses on mastery of self and how you present to women. DeAngelo stresses that knowing something is not the same as actively doing it. He asks readers to keep coming back to the skills and techniques in this book until they can act the part and pick up women more easily.


The author offers insight on how he believes most women act and think, especially when dating or romantically involved with men. He focuses on giving you the tools to win the game that he claims most attractive women are playing. Readers are encouraged to get comfortable with not understanding everything about women while also learning how to respond to and accommodate the differences. One way to respond that he teaches is to reveal new information to a woman that will draw her attention to your intellect. He asserts that women are intrigued by a man who says unique things and seems different.


DeAngelo also gets into how you can overcome a woman’s preferences for wealthy, powerful men even if you do not have much wealth or power. Even if you have to “fake it until you make it,” he advises you to command her attention and cater to her desired feelings. Some helpful advice that he gives is to make her see you as the chooser, be able to laugh at yourself in response to harsh rejection, and never stop trying to improve yourself and your skills. However, readers should use caution when following his advice on turning a woman’s no into a yes.

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