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Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

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Persevering through anxiety and fear was a major obstacle in Dr. Susan Jeffers’ life, leading her to write “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.” For more than 20 years, this best-selling book has inspired millions to pursue personal growth despite fear. The main idea is that you should never let feeling scared define you or deter you from making life-changing decisions. While this book is light on research and heavy on anecdotes, some readers may find it more accessible than a more technical read. Most of the insights are far from surprising, but the fresh perspective can inspire you to take the next steps forward.


The book plainly lays out the path for you. Through positive affirmations and exploratory exercises in self-talk, readers learn to separate their identities from the apprehension that often holds them back in love, work, and more. You will also find out how to take the small everyday risks that can lead to huge payoffs. The author encourages readers to work through their anxieties rather than avoid them. She points out how facing your fears can improve your self-esteem immensely and help you feel more at ease in general. However, she acknowledges that there will still be plenty more challenges ahead no matter where you are in your journey.


Thus, Dr. Jeffers explains in detail how you can overcome victimhood and become the hero in your life. Her language is simple, so you will not feel bogged down by any technical terms. If you tend to lead with your spiritual side, then you will feel in tune with Dr. Jeffers’s messages of connecting to your universe and filling the inner voids left by fear. This book banks on the idea that people often need to act first to be able to change negative thought patterns. For the countless people who struggle with negative emotions every day, this practical advice has no expiration date.

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