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Guide to Getting It On

Guide to Getting It On: Unzipped

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Guide to Getting it on: Unzipped by Paul Joannides, Psy.D., offers a rather comprehensive look at sex in its many forms between men and women. Unlike what you may have experienced in your sixth-grade sex ed class, there is no dancing around the subject at hand here. The advice runs the gamut from how to best enjoy a kiss to how to get comfortable with condoms. The first edition of this book took form back when sexy videos played through your VCR, not through your VPN, so be sure to pick up the latest updated version.


This book is a community effort just as much as it is Dr. Joannides’ masterpiece: Thanks to the long history of readership, new editions feature a lot of comments and questions from former readers. This book is more than just informative; it is entertaining as well. Dr. Joannides inserts his quirky sense of humor into every page. You may find yourself chuckling when the author adds someone’s amusing response to his advice in parenthesis right after. Perhaps you will also enjoy the comics from illustrator Daerick Gröss Sr., all of which add insight or help highlight the subject matter. All these little extras help to round out the material.


The author even keeps an up-to-date website that is complementary to this book. However, be aware that, just like many of the pictures in his book, some of the informative videos and images on his site are not safe for work. Some popular magazines like Rolling Stone and Playboy have done features and reviews on this book. Plus, the engaging tone has made this guide popular in some unexpected places: A number of colleges and medical schools have used this guide in their courses. This book has won a number of awards and reached readers in over a dozen languages.

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