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Knock 'em Dead Job Interview

Knock ’em Dead Job Interview: How to Turn Job Interviews Into Job Offers

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Martin Yate is back again with his must-have guide to interviewing: “Knock ’em Dead Job Interview: How to Turn Job Interviews Into Job Offers.” This resource offers skill-boosting strategies taken from decades of experience. Yate reveals the secrets that employers do not tell applicants. If you are looking to be coddled at the price of losing job offers, then this book is not for you. Yate’s tough-love advice will help you get ready for the scrutiny that you are about to face in your interview. Once you secure a job offer, this guide also walks you through how to iron out all the details like a pro.


Yate encourages readers to expand their skills based on the job that they are seeking and not to expect to learn on the job. If there is jargon that you do not know in the job description, he explains, then you have a lot to learn before you will be a good prospective employee. He gets you into the hiring managers’ heads as if to hear their thoughts. He also helps you figure out and highlight your transferable skills and values that you already have developed. Stressing professional development, he gives you methods to improve the skills that you do not possess as well.


This book explains why, contrary to popular belief, you might not want to “just be yourself” at your interview. Instead, Yate encourages using your past workplace experiences and growth to help you to develop a professional persona. He even has tips to help you overcome such barriers as age discrimination, illegal questions, and psychological tests without blowing your chances at much-needed employment. You will also learn how to field questions about your resume without sounding redundant. Last but not least, there are numerous sample interview questions to help you hone your answers.

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