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The Magic of Believing

The Magic of Believing

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If everyone would visualize the good and stop agonizing over the bad, there would be a lot less unhappiness in the world, according to “The Magic of Believing.” Author and World War I veteran Claude M. Bristol was a pioneer in using positive thinking to get ahead in life. The philosophy in the book asks readers to take a leap of faith, setting their expectations higher than they have ever imagined before. Instead of just wishing for success, you will learn to believe in it wholeheartedly. There are strategies in these pages that can help you build up a belief in whatever you want to happen.


Bristol engages his audience with an autobiographical success story before delving into the details. Those points include thought experiments, positive self-talk, and mental picturing to help each person pursue even the highest goals. You will discover how you can train your subconscious to focus on and believe in what you want most in life. One way given to create that faith is to repeat positive, clear imagery in your mind’s eye. Vague desires will take you into a murky future, the author asserts. He likewise credits most of his success to his “mental picture of wealth” that he maintained throughout his life.


According to Bristol, optimism is not simply a personality trait. A positive mindset is a skill that you can hone through daily practice. He explains that you can make yourself believe in your goals: You just need to keep exposing your subconscious to the right kinds of imagery. He cites the religious symbols used in many faiths as examples of this reinforcement. While hard work is important, declares the author, it is not enough without a strong desire. If you tend to find a lot of excuses for why you cannot succeed, then Bristol’s wisdom can help you break that cycle of negative thoughts.

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