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Models: Attract Women Through Honesty

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With “Models: Attract Women Through Honesty,” Mark Manson has produced a guide for 21st century men to improve their relationships with their love interests. Identifying the classic model of masculinity as outdated, he works to show you the power of changing your beliefs about a man’s role in women’s lives. He takes you step by step through the growth process that he had to learn the hard way. A lot of his growth was still fresh or even ongoing as he researched and wrote this book. Instead of the popular “pick up” techniques, he helps his readers access greater depths in their romantic relationships.


While Manson wrote this book with straight male readers in mind, he points out in the first pages that many of the concepts can apply to all people. For example, neediness is widely viewed as unattractive, regardless of one’s gender. Part of the work is self-discovery and finding peace in yourself. Manson outlines categories of men and women to help you better understand your relationship struggles. He reframes rejection from a love interest as “doing you a favor” in naturally screening out poor matches. This guide is far from a simple how-to that tells you how to act, speak, or dress around women.


There is a spark of “be yourself” here, but probably not in the way that you think. Instead of performing a role to come across a certain way, the idea is to perform your true identity as honorably as you can. In the end, Manson has laid out the tools that you need to address your flawed personal and cultural beliefs about masculinity. His impassioned language comes together with his worldly advice to provide the building blocks for the man whom you wish to be. Love is not all about “age, money, and looks,” and Manson coaches you through overcoming your limiting beliefs about these things.

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