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No More Mr. Nice Guy

No More Mr. Nice Guy

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In support of the motto that nice guys finish last, in “No More Mr. Nice Guy” Robert A. Glover describes a condition that he believes many men suffer from: “Nice Guy Syndrome.” Desperately attempting to satisfy others while neglecting themselves, nice guys ultimately take out their frustrations on the very people whom they are trying to please. Glover’s book shows nice guys how to live up to their potential, express their emotions, embrace their creativity, and much more. Some of the ideas, such as his criticisms of the feminist movement, may be controversial. However, he provides clear reasoning for each point in an easy-to-read style.


The author draws from his experiences in his youth to cut through readers’ defensiveness and start them down the path to success in life and love. Added to that background are his credentials in marriage and family therapy. According to the book, you do not need to give up your sense of masculinity to be in touch with your feelings and make helpful, healthy connections with others. Part of the resolution that Glover details is that you need to ask for as much as you give in any relationship. He points out that women also want to feel needed and tend to find confidence attractive.


You cannot be a fixer for others but then be unwilling to fix your problems, cautions Glover. Indeed, you must find your self-worth outside of your service to others. This book offers stepping stones toward that self-assurance that can help you to attract quality friends, women, and opportunities. Glover stresses that you do not have to be overly pushy to be assertive, and he helps you to find that middle ground in your life. If you or someone you love suffers from “Nice Guy Syndrome,” this book can give you the tools that will lead to recovery.

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