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The Power of Positive Thinking

The Power of Positive Thinking

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According to “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, ambitious people need not be enslaved by worry and overthinking to achieve success. This best-selling book has already reached more than 5 million people worldwide. The stories in this title touch on many aspects of life, including work, health, family, and religion. Dr. Peale believes that positive thinking can improve all those areas. Readers discover how to maintain peaceful thoughts while focusing their energy on positive solutions to problems. Using this book, you can grow your faith and get closer to finding your true place in the world.


Dr. Peale recommends prayer and meditation to help to break negative thought patterns. Some key advice focus on creating healthy, uplifting relationships with yourself, friends and family, and a higher power. The positive messages and stories in these pages can help you to go through hard times and keep you aloft when life is going well. Slowing down and worrying less about your perceived obligations rank highly among the author’s recommendations. His idea is that God will take care of the details. Much of the content can come across as preachy, but churchgoers may enjoy the familiar style.


Following the book’s theme of awakening energy within the mind, even personal health decisions are suggested to remove internal negativity. The author puts a lot of stock into the reader’s mind. In fact, his religious beliefs remains a focal point in the overall message, and he holds up prayer as the most powerful tool of positive thought. Dr. Peale also mentions his church quite a bit. Even so, his principles can make a lot of sense if you are receptive to them. If work or life has let you down lately, you may find that reading this book will boost your morale, and most of the times, it’s what you need to keep you going.

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