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Remote: Office Not Required

Remote: Office Not Required

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Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson teamed up to write “Remote: Office Not Required” after seeing the growth of virtual workspaces in the first decade of the 21st century. The book targets business leaders and workers alike who may have wondered how they could achieve greater efficiency and collaboration through telecommuting. If you have ever considered working from home, you may find the inspiration that you need to take that step in these very pages. Meanwhile, anyone looking to hire remote workers can find a lot of policy help in this title. All this advice comes straight from the creators of Basecamp, a project management tool for companies that employ remote workers.


The authors explain how they and other prominent companies have succeeded in having staff who work remotely. Fried and Hansson also discuss the pitfalls of the traditional office, such as distractions and rigid start and end times. Of course, they admit, there will be plenty of distractions in the home as well. The book outlines how remote work can be more productive than at a shared office with the right policies in place. The duo notes that a big perk of remote work is that it taps into a supply of workers previously left out of the workforce: stay-at-home parents. This way, businesses have access to a bigger selection of talent.


The book sets out to make clear that office work is quickly becoming a thing of the past and to inspire a vision for the future of the remote work industry. However, Fried and Hansson do not neglect to address the possible drawbacks of working from home. For instance, they explain that remote workers need to change their lifestyles and be more conscious about their health at home. Whether you are a homemaker or a company policymaker, this book will help you identify what to avoid while getting the most out of remote work.

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