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In the New York Times best-seller “Rework,” authors Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson encourage you to seize the moment and trust your instincts when it comes to building a business. These entrepreneurs draw from their experiences of setting up 37signals and developing successful projects together. The easygoing strategies validate much of what you have always suspected but could not put into words. All these ideas are already in practice in their work, so you do not have to experiment with any unproven methods to put them into action.


You will learn how to chunk out your work into small tasks and choices to get more done in the time that it would take to plan everything over time. Some more advice includes streamlining business decisions and keeping rules to a minimum. If you use your company’s boardroom for a lot of big meetings, the authors will give you some good reasons to let it gather dust instead. In their operations, they prefer to solve problems when and where they come up. When you hire employees based on trust and compatibility rather than a fancy resume, they further advise, then you will run into fewer problems in the first place.


Fried and Hansson, who goes by DHH among his followers, discuss how they stuck to their vision to establish a winning brand. Instead of spending a lot of money, they engage their customers with their passion rather than expensive, fine-tuned advertising. They keep the tone of this guide conversational and casual, so you can understand even if you do not have a background in business. In fact, you might find yourself having to let go of much of what you thought you knew even if you did earn an MBA. Whether you are starting out or debating whether to make some changes to your business practices, this book will inspire you to take on the risks with confidence.

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