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The Richest Man in Babylon

The Richest Man in Babylon

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Starting out in 1926 as a financial series that banks printed on pamphlets and handed out, “The Richest Man in Babylon” became a much-loved self-help book shortly afterward. Author and financial guru George S. Clason used his experiences with war and famine alongside his historical studies to present his lessons. This invaluable guide provides advice about saving and money management in a unique and memorable way. From it, you will learn how to budget so that you increase your savings without affecting your happiness. Clason’s teachings can help you break the bad money habits you have that you may not recognize.


Set in ancient Babylon, the tales reveal the timelessness of Clason’s principles. These stories include such characters as “The Man Who Desired Gold” and “The Goddess of Good Luck.” Readers can benefit from these lessons whether they struggle with habitual overspending or just need to tighten their budget. Making good investments and controlling expenses rank prominently among the teachings, but readers are also encouraged to do what they love and pursue education to help increase their incomes. If you are happy with your life and career, the reasoning goes, then you will spend less money on extra comforts and more time earning.


Clason was motivated by his faith when he wrote this book. You may find some of the wording familiar if you have read much of the Bible. In the chapter titled “Seven Cures for a Lean Purse,” you can see words such as “thou” and “thy” in the list of financial solutions. The author’s style of writing in parables, much like those in the Bible, helps readers connect with his wisdom. Meanwhile, these stories provide a lot of engaging details that will keep your attention while teaching you the principles. If managing your money is a struggle, then you can learn a lot from this title.

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