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The Simple Path to Wealth

The Simple Path to Wealth: Your Road Map to Financial Independence and a Rich, Free Life

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With “The Simple Path to Wealth: Your road map to financial independence and a rich, free life,” author JL Collins has produced a guide to help readers explore an easy, accessible way to invest. You do not need to be passionate about investing to appreciate Collins’ fatherly guidance on how to be protected, powerful, and confident in your finances. Readers are not plunged into the confusing jargon of finance too soon or unnecessarily. This author eases you into his philosophy, validating your fears of everything being too much before putting them to rest for good. Even the foreword by the zanily named Mr. Money Mustache is a treat to read.


This book lays out what you need to know about investing in a mostly upbeat, conversational tone. Collins’ daughter originally inspired him to devise and write out this plan for her. Like her, you probably have many wonderful things to occupy your time with besides thinking about money. However, you still need to think about your finances to stay on top of them. Among his advice, Collins explains why and how to avoid debt, which he colorfully describes as “leeches” that you must remove. He also relays his own financial journey to help readers see what their paths could look like.


Collins repeatedly stresses the importance of making your lifestyle match your income. With this stern advice, he observes that you are the one who ultimately has to live with your financial choices. He tells readers to avoid using financial advisors altogether. The idea is that people should learn to handle their own finances. There are also fun visualizations of investment “buckets” and the concept of “F-You Money” to keep you engaged. If you have a decent income but want a secure financial future too, this book has answers that may help you achieve your dreams.

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