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Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude

Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude

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In a rare collaboration with W. Clement Stone, Napoleon Hill wrote “Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude” in the final decade of his life. Since it was published in 1960, the wealth of wisdom in this book has led generations of readers to view positive thinking as a lifestyle. Just like in his other self-help books, Hill’s conclusions come from interviews with the most successful people of his time. Through the 17 principles in this guide, readers learn to take charge of their mental patterns. These renowned self-help authors will empower you to believe in your success and make it happen.


If you are waiting for good things to come your way, explain the authors, then you may never get what you want. Stone and Hill aim to introduce you to the more confident version of you. As that person, you will understand how to direct your thoughts toward positive outcomes and dismiss negative judgments and fears. With that “positive mental attitude,” or “PMA,” as the duo calls it, you can accomplish almost anything. You just need to find the desire within you to succeed and then visualize that success all the way to the finish line.


When you take the steps that these authors have outlined in this publication in your life, you will likely notice significant changes. You may feel more energized from the positive outlook. With this energy, you can get more done each day so that you will become more successful. Your problems can seem a lot less daunting, whether they are familiar issues or significant adjustments. You will be less likely to procrastinate if you have less anxiety about completing challenging tasks. Stone and Hill reinforce their rules with real-life stories of those principles in action. You may become one of those success stories if you take the time to work through these principles.

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