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Why We Sleep

Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams

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While you may have heard before that sleep is important for your health, like most you probably do not take it as seriously as you should. Neuroscientist Matthew Walker’s “Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams” takes readers on an engaging walk through the health benefits and consequences related to sleep. Facts and features from this sleep expert’s own research and clinical practice punctuate exciting scientific discoveries. Readers learn how to fend off aging, illnesses, and bad moods with practical actions centered on nightly rest. Meanwhile, you will find out how getting enough restful sleep can make you smarter and more energetic.


Walker goes well beyond coaching readers on how to improve sleep hygiene. Perfect for the most curious intellectuals, this book provides details that you never knew that you wanted to know. For example, there are many statistics presented that intersect with sleep science, such as how often drowsy driving causes traffic accidents. The author manages to frame just how bizarre the entire concept of sleep is from the start. In fact, Walker admits that there is a lot of mystery remaining in this field of dreams. He points out how the nature of sleep has boggled the minds of ancient philosophers and modern scientists alike.


Walker’s passion for all things related to sleep comes through at full force in his writing. Not only will you feel caught up on the most important sleep research after reading this book, but a desire may awaken within you to learn more. There is no ongoing plot from one chapter to the next, so you can fall asleep between chapters and not lose your place. In fact, this sleep enthusiast takes it as a compliment if you do fall asleep. You will be surprised to find out that he essentially stumbled onto this field. Perhaps stumbling upon his book will lead you to share his obsession.

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